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Career Development

FFA Individual Competitions

The competition will be completed by individual FFA members on an iPad – provided by the fair. All participants must preregister by emailing Missy Hammond at ClairHammond@aol.com and registering for an individual Edmodo account.
The Career Development competition may include any information set by the National FFA CDE Handbook for the respected Career Development Event.
Test questions may be multiple choice, T/F or fill in the blank. The test may include but is not limited to general facts, identification, labeling, or mathematical calculations. Improper spelling will result in an incorrect answer. The test will not be more than 50 questions.

Awards: 1st - $50 2nd - $40 3rd - $30 4th - $20 5th - $10
Awards will be given in each category.
  • Agriculture Sales
  • FFA Knowledge & History (contest for first year members only)
  • Veterinary Science
  • Any student currently enrolled in any agriculture course for the current school year and who is a member of the National FFA Association may enter the competition.
  • The student must enter the competition by August 15, by emailing Missy Hammond at ClairHammond@aol.com. The participant must sign up for an individual Edmodo account and enter the correct code for each individual contest prior to the day of the competition. It will be the students responsibility to remember their individual Edmodo login information the day of the competition.
  • The day of the competition will be FFA Day at the Delta Fair, Friday, Sept 7, 2018. Times for students to complete contest will be assigned as students register.
  • During FFA Day at the fair it will be the student’s responsibility to come to the designated area to complete the competition.
  • All competitions will be conducted on provided iPads. The student may not take the iPads out of the designated testing area. A quiet area will be provided for the students to complete the competition.
  • In the event of a power outage or lost of internet service, the student will be allowed to restart the competition.
  • The student will not be allowed to talk or consult with any other student or adult during the competition.
  • The student may not use a cell phone or any other electronic devise during the competition. Cell phones may not enter the testing area.
  • Scrap paper and pencils will be provided to each student if mathematical calculations must be made. No calculators will be allowed.
  • Any student caught talking, using cell phone or other type of electronic devise, or cheating in any way will be disqualified and forfeit all prize money and ribbons.
  • Pre-determined questions will be selected to break all ties.
  • There will be one winner selected for each contest. In the event of a tie on all questions, multiple awards will be given. All contestants will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze ranking.
  • Results will be announced at the conclusion of the fair and prizes will be mailed to all winners.
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