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Delta Agribusiness

Masters of Chainsaw

Date: Aug 30 - Sept 08, 2019
The most riveting and jaw dropping show is that of the skill work from a professional chainsaw sculptor. Intense and eye catching shows from taking and ordinary 3 foot log and turn it into a true piece of art to be enjoyed for many years. Sculpting wood is not an easy task and these professional chainsaw wood sculptors have mastered this art by carefully learning how to carve a masterpiece out of a piece of wood with the worlds most dangerous power tool -the chainsaw.

They are dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the art form of wood carving and its performance.

Each chainsaw wood carving show can last anywhere from 45 minutes to one full hour, but each minute that goes by will reveal the secret surprise of what the chainsaw artist is creating. Chainsaw art is a worthwhile investment because anything can be created out of wood and our wood carvings will stand any kind of weather element ,if treated with care. Our professional wood carvers are part of a limited number of wood carvers from the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Australia.
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