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Mark Alan Cash

Date: Sept 01, 2019
The day Mark Alan Cash was born, his dad, Tommy Cash, the youngest brother of Johnny, was already on the radio. Mark would later go on the road with his famous father and get to see first hand, the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the music life.

Fast forward a few years, Mark had his own bus and his own tour, but he borrowed the Cash demons to feed the Cash curse. Battling addiction to alcohol and drugs all his life made for some great songwriting, but was hell on his relationships, his body and his career. He never lost faith that God would somehow pull him through. He's living proof that with enough support and love and the good Lord's guidance that anyone can turn their life around.

Mark's easy laugh and prankster attitude is proof positive that some things are genetic. But it's his ability to tell a story with truth and conviction that shows the world that he truly IS his father's son and his uncle's nephew. "Uncle Johnny" was written during a dark time in Mark's life. Just telling the story of writing this song itself is a song in the making. But "Uncle Johnny" is a personal glimpse into a memory of a conversation he had with his uncle during a family gathering to say goodbye to their beloved Mama Cash.

Listen closely to the lyrics, hear the deep tones of the vocals, the traditional sounds of country music's steel guitar and harp, and you'll be taken back to that day, just like Mark is, whenever he sings it. And catch the hook. It is the essence of Mark's songwriting, it is the essence of the Cash family, melodies filled with stories. Stay tuned friends, Mark has alot more stories to tell.

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