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Granpa Cratchet

Date: Aug 30 - Sept 08, 2019

If you like fast-paced, slapstick comedy you won’t want to miss the Granpa Cratchet show. Granpa will be appearing daily at his puppet, comedy theater on the grounds in his big show called, “Right to the Moon Baby!” teaching safety first.

Granpa’s stage show is an authentic reproduction of a real building, only miniature, made just the right size for the kids. The top of the building opens up and you’ve got yourself 20 minutes of the best slapstick, audience participation, family entertainment around. The show gets started with Ace the silly announcer. Then you’ll see lots of action with characters like a pig named Root who is struck by lightening and is transformed into Root the Wonder Pig. You’ll also meet Spike the Porcupine and Fearful the Possum.

Of course a visit to Granpa’s workshop would not be complete without seeing a couple of Granpa’s workshop projects, but no one can visit until they join Granpa’s secret safety first club by saying the already not so secret safety passwords, “Safety First.”

You’ll see Granpa demonstrate his new invention, a toilet paper dispensing machine that unrolls a whole roll in five seconds flat. After Granpa finally crawls his way out of that huge mound of paper, he reminds the kids about Safety First and heads off to show another invention, his supped up, totally awesome, straight to the moon popcorn popper. Knowing Granpa, it is never a good idea to tell him something doesn’t have enough power. After he pours in a whole wheelbarrow of popcorn and a gallon of butter the kids provide a space age countdown. Granpa throws the switch and the popcorn machine tries to take off while Granpa’s yelling “Right To The Moon, Baby,” but in stead it ends up stuck right on Granpa’s head and Granpa again reminds the kids that safety is the most important part of any project.

After the show the kids can walk up on the porch and be greeted by Granpa himself. There Granpa dispenses lots of hugs, tid bits of old time wisdom and the kind of love only a grandpa can give. While visiting with Granpa at the front door kids can purchase a professional DVD of the show or get a Granpa Fun Pack filled with posters, video games, music and much more, all designed to teach Granpa’s safety first lesson.

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