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Nerveless Nocks

Date: Aug 31 - Sept 09, 2018
The Nerveless Nocks are descendants of the Swiss Circus Family Nock and are among the most respected aerial stunt artists in the world today. Since 1954, The Nerveless Nocks have been thrilling audiences across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and world-wide.

The Astro Nocks Daring Double Spacewheel!
This fast-paced act will keep you on the edge of their seats. While revolving on the aerial pendulum, the Nocks perform leaps, somersaults, handstands and actually walk the wheel blind-folded

Sensational Sky-High Swaypoles!
Featuring a hand-over-hand climb to the top of a breathtaking aerial exchange from pole to pole and an unbelievable headfirst free-fall back to the ground.

Vortex of Doom!
Stay Tuned!

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